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Get a sneak peek at a brand-new opera before its world premiere in June, in the form of musical snippets and a group conversation about opera’s relation to real life by Randi Bjornstad (4/14/2017) 

A woman’s history immortalized in a pillar of salt by Tess Novotny (6/22/2017)

Woman of Salt: A world premiere opera by a novice Eugene composer examines our capacity to heal by Rachael Carnes (6/15/2017) 

Eugene Opera shares details of The Woman of Salt in its weekly newsletter by Ashley Hastings (6/6/2017) 

The Woman of Salt: Transformation through Opera by Eric Alan (6/20/2017) 

Sodom & Gomorrah Gets Operatic Reinterpretation in ‘Woman of Salt’ by David Salazar (5/23/2017) 

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