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Next Stages 

The Woman of Salt

Thank you for your interest in the next stages for The Woman of Salt. 

Powerful, emotional and complex. 

The Woman of Salt is a new chamber opera written by  composer, Anice Thigpen. The story brings to life a mother's painful loss as she is forced to make the most difficult choices imaginable. For a complete overview of the opera, click here

The opera premiered to a sold out audience in June 2017 in Eugene, Oregon. After this success, the production team is seeking next stages for The Woman of Salt.


Take a few minutes to watch the excepts from the world premiere and to read reviews from our partners, performers and audience members. 

The link below will take you to more info about partnering with us to stage The Woman of Salt in your community. 


We're looking for partners to bring The Woman of Salt to its next stages







Lane Arts Council

"In partnering with Anice and the production team for The Woman of Salt, we found an outstanding group of people with whom to collaborate. Their incredible passion and creative energy inspired the work we did together, and propelled us to broaden our community impact in a rich and unique way."

Anthony Meyers, Audience Member and Opera Lover 

“Joan and I were deeply moved by your music and the production. I get it. The palate of tones and voices reached inside to convey what you went through and what you want to say. It was simply beautiful — and stunning. Thank you. You have produced a great opera.” 

Shannon McAleb, Soprano Creature from Another Realm  

“As I reflect on this year, one memory stands out: my time with The Woman of Salt. Thank you for putting on such a brave and beautiful show! Thank you for taking a chance on me and for believing in me. I can’t tell you what that meant to me.” 

It is Noise. AhDoo describes music that only she can hear. The Creatures from Another Realm (CFARs) support her as she embraces the message they have brought.

I Cannot Tell You Why. AhDoo prepares to bid her two younger daughters farewell in a song of consolation and love.

Here, I Turn to Salt. Following the departure of Lot and her two youngest daughters, AhDoo resolves to look back and transform. The people who will perish with her, recognize her wisdom and truth.

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