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The Woman of Salt reimagines the story of Lot’s wife


Conceptualizing, writing, composing and scoring an opera is no small feat for an experienced musician. Doing so as an amateur and first time composer is remarkable and creating a production that is simultaneously beautiful and complex, challenging and poignant is unheard of.


But first-time composer Anice Thigpen’s personal journey was one that began with a trauma experienced as a young mother. Thigpen used the energy of the trauma to heal, processing a lifetime of hurt through opera.


The Woman of Salt is semi-biographical and based on the Hebrew Bible story of Lot’s wife, called AhDoo. In the Bible story, Lot’s wife looks back on the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah as God destroyed them and, in doing so, was turned to a pillar of salt. The Woman of Salt explores AhDoo’s story and the wrenching decision she had to make.


The Woman of Salt Main Stage Production took place June 23rd at the the Wildish Community Theater located at 630 Main St, Springfield, OR 97477.


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