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"With this Salt"
The Salt Salesman describes the powers in the Salt of AhDoo

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for The Woman of Salt

A New Chamber Opera


Woman of Salt

Anchor 2


In Genesis, two angels visit Lot and his family on the first night of Passover with a message of destruction.


The family will be spared if they depart Sodom and Gomorrah immediately, and do not look back. Though two younger daughters make the exodus and survive, two older daughters and their children remain behind and perish.


The Woman of Salt retells this story from the perspective of Lot’s wife who is named AhDoo. In this enactment, a community comes together to perform the story as an annual ritual.


Following the casting of roles, we watch as AhDoo confronts her choices and makes her journey of transformation. Two Creatures from Another Realm will instigate and inspire AhDoo to look back. Lot and the daughters who will survive insist and beg that she leave with them.

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